From a cooking blog, to a college essay, to your literary debut novel, Proofread DFW is here to turn your piece into a masterpiece! Even the very best writers require a second (or third) set of eyes before releasing their words to the public. I am here to serve as your extra set of eyes. I take your bright ideas and polish them to shine that much brighter!

My services include proofreading and editing. What’s the difference?

Proofreading simply allows me to read over your work for any errors in grammar, spelling, or format. I only reword your work when it’s absolutely necessary.

Editing takes proofreading to the next level. Editing allows me to completely reword your thoughts as I see fit. It gives me the freedom to take your ideas and make them sound as eloquent and professional as possible.

I can edit your work via Google Docs, iAnnotate, or emailing your PDF. It’s totally up to you and your personal preference.