My name is Tara Sambol and I started Proofread DFW to be of service to anyone looking to improve their writing. While my company is Proofread DFW (that’s Dallas/Fort Worth to non-locals), I accept jobs from all over the world (hooray for technology!).

What makes me so qualified? First off, I love reading and writing and have received compliments for my writing ability since high school. My passion for writing brought me to TCU where I graduated in 2012 with my Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communication. Since then, I spent a few years working in the non-profit world. As you can imagine, non-profits require much communication if they wish to raise money and maintain positive relationships with donors. Those years of non-profit work helped sharpen my writing and communication skills.

In 2017, I was inspired to join the world of freelance. I took a course to brush up my proofreading. After acing my exam and receiving my certification, I started my company, Proofread DFW.